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At Bono Coffee, we are committed in developing exceptional specialty coffee. Bono Coffee is a family owned business based in Calgary, sharing our deep-rooted Ethiopian coffee culture to our community.

Growing up in Ethiopia, Bono Coffee founders, Dawit Wubie and Danait Tesfay have first hand experience in the daily life of hand roasting coffee and transforming it into the most magical cup of coffee ever tasted.

It all started in 2012, when Dawit traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for business venture and joined his sister in the coffee roasting business and supplying it to local shops and stores. From there, his passion for coffee flourished and he made it his goal to bring Ethiopian coffee to his community, here in Calgary and to the world.

Having to start a family, Dawit’s coffee dream was put on hold. In 2019 Dawit together with Danait decided to start a small batch coffee roasting company and supplied it to his community within various farmers markets. Bono Coffee Roasters was born and now people everywhere can experience that magical tasting cup of coffee. With amazing community support and feedback, Bono Coffee is committed to grow and serve the local community.

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Making a difference

We deeply value our farmer and supplier that consists of 70% women employees. They also ensure that each farmer is paid fairly through the out-growers program while supporting their community by building roads, hospitals and schools.

It is no secret that the worlds most delicate, complex and finest specialty coffee comes from Ethiopia, where our deep-rooted coffee culture comes from. We believe our coffee does not only make a great tasting cup of coffee but should be means to bridge coffee farmers to their communities and individuals.

Working directly with farmers and producers, with the goal of sustainable and profitable growth is our core value.
Bono Coffee gives you more than just a cup of coffee, it gives you a piece of Ethiopian culture.

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Bono Coffee | Manhattan

4704 Manhattan Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4B5, Canada

Bono Coffee | Bridgeland

737 1 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 0B8

Our Reviews

Brandy Perry
Brandy Perry
Amazing coffee, one of the best cappuccinos I have ever had. The customer service was phenomenal too.
Miles Cantafio
Miles Cantafio
Fantastic little cafe. Beans roasted fresh on-site. Staff exceedingly friendly and very reasonably priced, especially for the quality of the drip. So fortunate to have it close to work. . .
Artem Zlobin
Artem Zlobin
Best service , good coffee. Great combo:)
Jon Slater
Jon Slater
Great coffee, very friendly and knowledgeable owner. Will be back soon.
T Win
T Win
Very cozy, but eerily quiet if it’s not busy. They carry their own branded coffee beans. Handful of parking spaces just right outside/behind the building. Coffee menu consists of the typical common beverages.
Chantelle Bic
Chantelle Bic
First time coming here today and the selection of drinks was great as well they had options for dairy free which I appreciated. I ended up ordering a earl grey latte and it was amazing it wasn’t to sweet and very comforting to drink the environment was quiet not very busy and the girl was very kind at the front our drinks took less than a few minutes to make. I will be back to try the coffee soon! They also has a selection of baked goods it smelt amazing and very clean. It’s nice to see a local coffee shop.
makan 156
makan 156
Freaking delicious coffee and really nice owner.
Michelle Savoie
Michelle Savoie
Really impressed with his coffee shop. The latte was mind blowing. Owner was super friendly and gave us a little tour of his roaster. We will be back!
Great coffee and great service!